Meet Our Team

Sophia Zhang


Sophia Zhang is a talented artist with many award-winning artworks. She would like to dedicated her work to the Art Heals charity project and promote new activities for our fundraising efforts. She believes art can give people the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. She is hoping to make an impact by donating her art pieces and helping those in need through supporting healthcare and promoting philanthropy. Sophia is currently working diligently to create new art for Art Heals all year around. She also initiates, organizes and designs new programs for our artists, members and volunteers to work together for our missions and services.

Jason Wang


Jason Wang is an aspiring software developer who is passionate about using technology to make a positive impact on society. He is currently working on a website with the goal of creating a platform for health fundraising through art for Art Heals. He hopes that by using his skills in software development, he can make a meaningful contribution to the Art Heals community and help improve the lives of those who are struggling. This website provides a platform for artists to raise funds for charity and spread awareness about health issues, aiming to bridge the gap between art and healthcare for community well-being and healing.

Promyse K. Williams


Promyse K. Williams is a valuable member of Art Heals. She has several passions—art, writing, fashion, reading—trying to find her way in life. She finds enjoyment in learning most things, whether it involves STEM, humanities, developing work skills, or just about anything else. She places a special value, however, on learning about others, cherishing conversations with her friends, peers and anyone new she meets, and loving to make new relationships. She always believes she can improve herself and her outlook on life in these ways. She would like to help those in need though arts programming. She is currently a member of Fort Wayne Museum of Art Teen Council.

Meet The Team - Art Heals