Sophia Zhang Interviewed by WANE 15 for Art for Hope

  • The founder of Art Heals Sophia Zhang was interviewed by WANE 15 on May 13, 2024 for Art for Hope. The art auction is dedicated to supporting Hope’s Harbor, a local non-profit aiding families with loved ones in extended hospital stays. This year there are more than 30 pieces of beautiful artwork donated from over 20 artists. Sophia was not only a contributing artist, but also a main leader and an organizer of Art for Hope. Check out Sophia’s interview on WANE TV and her artwork she donated “Fading Bloom”. We can transform art into hope and healing!
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Art Heals Received More Donations from an Excellent Artist!

  • A well-known local artist, Su Zhang has generously donated two pieces of her artwork to Art Heals. Su excels in creating a simple yet delightful watercolor paintings that expresses the peace and beauty of still life. Many of her artworks have been displayed in a number of exhibitions throughout the year at Fort Wayne and other places. We greatly appreciate Su’s support and kindness to Art Heals!

Sophia Zhang Leading Art for Hope 2024

  • Sophia Zhang is leading Art for Hope this year, an online art auction fund raising event benefitting Hope's Harbor, a local nonprofit. She is currently reaching out many local artists soliciting art donations and received many responses. Here are just a few selected artists and their art pieces. Sophia has donated art pieces for this event in the previous 2 years. The auction will be held from May 13-17, 2024.

Sophia Zhang Won Scholarship!

  • The Art Heals Co-founder Sophia Zhang's oil painting “Life Well Lived” has been chosen by the Fort Wayne Art League for $500 scholarship! Congratulations to Sophia on this well-deserved recognition. This piece of award-winning art is available in our store: All proceeds from art sales in our store go directly to support hospitals and the critical work people do in providing medical care and comfort to those who need it most.

Sophia Zhang Featured by Hope's Harbor

  • The Art Heals Co-founder Sophia Zhang was featured on January 5, 2024 by Hope's Harbor- a local charity organization which provides free lodging and food for the families with children hospitalized. Sophia has been a volunteer at Hope's Harbor for years and she goes there every month to prepare meals for the families who need help. In 2023, she donated over $1000 from her art sales in the name of Art Heals to Hope's Harbor. Art Heals is committed to continue these philanthropic efforts in the new year!

Sophia Zhang Featured by Fort Wayne Museum of Art

  • Sophia Zhang is featured by Fort Wayne Museum of Art (FWMoA). As a new member of FWMoA Teen Council, Sophia was interviewed for choosing favorite artworks displayed on the walls at the art museum. The Teen Council is led by local youth and provides opportunities for leadership, creativity, and learning through arts program. Check out what Sophia chose and why she loved this piece.

Art Heals Joined Dancing with the Stars to Support Carriage House

  • Art Heals joined the 18th Dancing with the Fort Wayne Stars, fund raising for the Carriage House on October 5, 2023. Carriage House's mission is to assist adults with serious mental illness in their recovery. By supporting Dancing with the Fort Wayne Stars, we are supporting our neighbors in need of psychosocial rehabilitation. Art Heals made donations to this fundraising event by buying tickets to the evening's events. We hope to continue to make a difference by focusing on our mission- using art to heal, inspire, and make a positive impact on the world.
    In the picture: Jason Wang representing Art Heals attended the banquet for this fundraising event.

Art Heals Donated Nutritional Drinks to Hope’s Harbor

  • The co-founders of Art Heals, Jason Wang and Sophia Zhang, visited Hope's Harbor and provided nutritional drinks purchased from the fund through art sales. Families staying at Hope's Harbor can take these nutritious items with them on the go. We hope to create a positive impact on these families and reduce the stress they experience from long days at the hospital. Art heals is committed to provide continued support for these families, offering the encouragement that they need to face each day. In the picture: Leah Smitley (left), Development Specialist at Hope’s Harbor; Jason Wang (middle), Co-founder of Art Heals; Sophia Zhang (right), Co-founder and Artist of Art Heals

Sophia Zhang on the social report of Hope's Harbor

  • The Art Heals Co-founder Sophia Zhang was featured on August 20, 2023 by Hope's Harbor- a local charity organization. She volunteered at Lutheran Hospital campus on a regular basis. In addition to monetary donations from her art sales, Sophia hopes to make an impact by making meals to support those families in stress.

Art Heals Made a Donation to a Patient in Need!

  • Art Heals made a donation to one of the patients who needed transportation to a hospital for surgery located in a different city. We bought gas cards to help this patient and his family. We’d like to send the patient and the family our kind regards and best wishes. We hope he recovers soon!

Art Heals Received a Donation from an Outstanding Artist! Thank you, Mr. Pancner!

  • The owner of Pancner’s Art School, Mr. Ales Pancner, made a donation to Art Heals with a beautiful piece of his artwork. Mr. Pancner is an accomplished artist with many amazing artwork collections!
  • Mr. & Mrs. Pancner have more than 20 years of experience in art education and art creation. We sincerely thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Pancner of Pancner’s Art School for your generous and enthusiastic support to our mission at Art Heals! Anyone who loves art and wants to pursue a career in painting or drawing, please go to They are a local art school here in Fort Wayne. Both are great art instructors and excellent artists!

Art Heals Helped the Art for Hope Auction for a 2nd Year in a Row!

  • Sophia Zhang, co-founder of Art Heals donated to the Art for Hope Auction. Check out the message from Hope’s Harbor: Thank you to everyone that supported the Art for Hope auction! We are incredibly grateful to the artists and organizers for their efforts to host this online art auction for the 2nd year in support of Hope's Harbor. They helped us raise over $1,300 to support our mission! 🎉👏

Sophia Zhang from Art Heals Donated Artworks to Art for Hope for Two Years in a Row

  • On May 15-19, 2023, Sophia Zhang from Art Heals made donations with two of her drawings to raise money for the Hope’s Harbor, which a non-profit organization that provides rooms for families with children hospitalized. Both of her artwork pieces were bid and successfully sold. All proceedings went to support those who need medical care and comfort most in the Lutheran Hospital.

Sophia Zhang from Art Heals is on 21Alive!

  • The artist Sophia Zhang from Art Heals was interviewed by 21Alive. The news was broadcasting on TV during morning, noon and night news time. We are so proud of you, Sophia! Way to go!
  • Check out more details here:
  • Sophia Zhang has contributed her artwork all year around here at Art Heals. She will continue her efforts through Art Heals. At Art Heals, we believe in the power of art to heal and bring joy to people's lives. That's why we have created a unique charity project that enables you to give back in a truly meaningful way. As Sophia said in the news, “I have a purpose behind my artwork. Because in the past, I’ve just been doing it as a hobby. But now I can actually use my artwork as a way to help others and I really like that".

Learn More about Sophia Zhang and Her Exhibition from A Media Report - Journal Gazette

  • Sophia Zhang said “I hope that by displaying my work I can help further spread awareness for issues such as pollution, deforestation, and invasive species, which are the leading causes of endangerment for many animals,” Zhang said in a statement. “Most of all, I hope that my work can help others appreciate the beauty of these animals, as I have begun to do as I was creating these art pieces.”
  • Check out more details here:

Sophia Zhang’s Solo Art Exhibition in Zoo Featuring Endangered Species

  • Our artist Sophia Zhang's artwork is being showcased at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo now through June 4! Her artwork features endangered species and will hang in the Wild Things Gift Shop.
  • Learn more about Sophia and exhibition here:

Art Heals Raising Funds via Art for Hope

  • We are one of the contributing artists for the event of Art for Hope. Art for Hope is an online art auction to feature many talented and generous artists from our community and beyond, supporting children receiving critical hospitality services- like housing, meals and community- to their families. The Art Auction takes place from May 15-May 19, 2023. If you are interested in donating a piece together with us, we would be more than grateful for your support! You can contact us at Thank you!

Art Heals Raised Funds for Hope's Harbor!

  • On April 20, 2023, Art Heals was on the top list of Hope’s Harbor fundraisers and raised hundreds of dollars in the event Give Greater Allen County. We believe our efforts make a difference for the nonprofits we love and make our community a better place to live, work and play. We are proud of our growing philanthropy and all that is good in our community. Way to go!

Art Heals Fundraising on Give Greater Allen County Day

  • On April 20, Art Heals will be participating in Give Greater Allen County day. This is a one-day, 12-hour initiative that fosters individual philanthropy in Allen County and is hosted by the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne. Last year Hope’s Harbor participated in this virtual day of giving and received some very generous donations from the community. This year Art Heals has a unique fundraising page on behalf of Hope’s Harbor on this day. We are so grateful for your continued support of our organization and the families we serve. Here is a link to our fundraising page that you can share with your friends and family members. The event runs on April 20 only, from 7am-7pm. Thank you for your support!

Sophia Zhang Reported by Hope's Harbor

  • The Art Heals Co-founder Sophia Zhang was featured by Hope's Harbor- a local charity organization on April 7, 2023. Sophia often volunteered at Lutheran Hospital campus by making fresh or home-cooked meals for the families with children hospitalized. By doing so, Sophia hopes to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Sophia Zhang Representing Art Heals Donated Artworks to Art for Hope

Sophia Zhang's Auctioned Artworks Donated to Mad Anthony's Children House

  • Two pieces of artworks painted by Sophia Zhang were successfully sold in the auction of Art for Hope. All proceeds from the auction go to supporting the Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House.